From cracks, loose blocks, flaking and spalling, masonry distress come in many forms. These are signs that a masonry building is in need of repair.
Movement, deferred maintenance, age, airborne pollutants and moisture all are contributors to the deterioration of buildings. Restoration Solutions, LLC has the skill, expertise and capabilities to expertly repair these conditions using the latest advanced techniques.
Named the backbone of modern construction, concrete may seem indestructible; however this is far from the truth. Time, weather and water again take their toll and reduce its strength. It is critical to protect concrete from the elements and repair it correctly when damage does occur. Buildings, balconies and plaza decks require proper preservation.

Pollutants, chloride ions, moisture and harsh chemicals can and will penetrate concrete’s porous surface. Left unprotected and unsealed, you have set the stage for serious damage to follow. Causes of existing problems must be determined in order to accurately take the proper corrective steps.